Settling In and a Teaser Snippet

Hello all and welcome to the new site! I hope you’ve had a chance to poke around a bit. Some of the lead-in text to the stories/articles may still refer to things that happened as late as two years ago since I simply did a quick copy/paste from the old site, so if you’re confused, yeah, it’s all my fault. I’ll try to go through and edit those, but I’m making no promises. I can be flaky at the best of times.

Speaking of edits! I’m currently working on a revision/rewrite/edit of Subject 5691: Petri to bring it to full novel length for publication. If you followed me over from the old site, you may remember that story as being part of NightTempest’s flash fiction series. I’m only on chapter eight and I’ve already added over 15K words to the short story. All but two chapters are new material. I’m certain I’ll add that much or more by the time I’m satisfied with it.

The main tics of the story will remain—Petri was created in a lab by the human Alliance, he escapes via an edgeworlder smuggler named Grokhaar, things get hairy and they have to fight their way to safety while falling in love along the way. Things I’m adding will include a great deal more depth to all characters, expanding on the inherited characteristics of the various donor DNA, the potential ramifications of successfully creating a being like Petri, earlier introduction of certain characters from future books (Draxton Larrimore and Ravyn), and greater background into…well, everything. All while smoothing out some areas where the flash prompt got shoehorned in.

A few minor things are getting moved around, like the introduction of Flanishaar so he doesn’t feel quite as Deus Ex Machina as he did the first time around, or certain blocks of conversation. Overall, however, it will remain the same story at its core.

Under the Edgeworld tab above, you can find a link to the current brief synopsis and a cover image for the book. The sneakiest cover reveal ever, as I’m not sure I posted it on the old site. I’m pretty darn happy with it, so I hope you like it.

Revisions/edits/rewrites on Draxton’s Destiny will begin the moment Petri goes off to beta readers. It may get more cuts than adds, as it’s significantly longer than Petri even in its raw form, but it too should retain its basic storyline. After that, will come The Ravyn Contract. There may be a novella length prequel somewhere in there, but it’s still in the planning stages.

In between all of that, I hope to flesh out the solar systems, races, creatures, and plants from these stories to give you a better idea of what the heroes encounter during their travels. If I get a good collection of them ready, I’ll make a shorts/extras tab to link them all up.

Beyond all this work in the Edgeworld universe, there’s still my existing worlds that I hope to tackle sometime in the new year. The Other Half will hopefully get a new round of edits and revisions to smooth it out and make it feel more like a finished novel. It has some issues and I want to smooth those out. Also, I need to dive into the revisions of An Infernal Destiny at some point during 2017. That work will pull in some of the content cut from The Other Half that those who read the original serial may recognize.

However!!! Please be aware that I’m not publishing the raw serials with some tweaks to grammar/punctuation. These works will be edited, sometimes heavily. I will have to cut certain scenes that simply don’t work and write new scenes that do. Certain points of view will go away (such as Malphas’) and some scenes that I agonized over including in the original serial will probably see the cutting room floor.

So, that’s my current plan. It’s a good plan. I hope it’s a doable plan. I’m going to hold myself accountable to this plan and perhaps post my progress as a way to keep to it. Fingers crossed, I won’t succumb to flakiness again.

As a prize for reading through all of that, here’s a bit of a preview of some of the new material. This is from Chapter 5 and takes place in that murky bit of space known as the Between – a place where the laws of physics aren’t even guidelines, they’re suggestions – and what makes Alliance jump gates function:

“Beautiful, ain’t it?”

The view screen showed the swirling chaos of the Between. Colors flowed through the infinite blackness like a liquid rainbow. Cosmic storms sparked in the distance, lighting up the cockpit and limning the Den’Lastrian’s impressive form in blues and purples. Petri wet his suddenly dry lips and dragged his gaze from the male’s delectable body to the screen.

“Prettier’n a woman and twice as deadly. Fell in love the first time I saw it. This,” his gesture included the view through the screen as well as the ship, “is a dream come true for me. I used to sit on the dunes back home, stare up at the stars, and wish I could be up there. I watched the ships take off and land at Drak’Tauria and made up all sorts of stories about them. Grand adventures and epic space battles with pirates. I held onto that dream for more cycles than I care to remember. Sometimes it was all that kept me going when life turned to shit.”

Grokhaar’s crimson gaze sought and found his reflection in the view screen. “Ain’t nothing wrong with dreams, lad, and never let anyone tell you different. If they control your dreams, they’ve got you right where they want you and you’ve let them do it.”

Author: Elaina Roberts

Author of urban fantasy with a dash of romance

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