Petri Update (aka holding myself accountable)

Hey folks, a month has passed since my last update on the rewrite/revision of Subject 5691: Petri, so I thought I’d give a brief accounting of my progress. While I’m disappointed in the numbers, I’m happy to report there has been progress. That hasn’t always been the case, so yay? I’ve started working on chapter 10, another filled with completely new material, which will finally get our pair out of the Between and onward toward Kandaria.

Unfortunately, the progress is smaller than I’d like. In the past month, I’ve (only) added close to 4400 words, a fact that upsets me greatly. There were days when the words flew onto the screen and days I didn’t put any down at all. We can all see which was more prevalent. *sigh* But it’s better than it was so I’m positive it will continue to improve. (I hope) On the brighter side, the new material gives a deeper look into both main characters’ motivations, thoughts, and fears so they’re more complete people rather than two-dimensional caricatures. I also moved a few scenes from later in the story and introduced two characters that are key to the series—Flanishaar, the sand spirit from the original flash story, and the Ravyn, an acquaintance of Grokhaar’s who’ll show up in the third book of the series.

So, here’s a sneak peek at a few of those new words. After a heated argument, what else is a sexy experiment and an edgeworlder smuggler to do than kiss and make up?

<excerpt from Subject 5691: Petri, Chapter Eight>

The brilliance in the male’s eyes faded along with his struggles to be free. “I am not what you think I am, Grokhaar Xandria.”

“No?” He slid his hands to twine their fingers together. Inching forward until their chests brushed with every breath, he nudged his knee between the male’s legs. “I think you’re everything and more, lad. You’re beautiful and maddening and sexy. Your skin is smooth as the finest satin. Your eyes draw me in until I could happily drown in their glow. I’m so hard it hurts and I want to kiss you so bad I can barely think straight.”

“Why?” The word was barely a whisper. A breath of sound that stirred him in all the right places.

“You’ve got no idea what you do to me, do you?” He moved in closer and ran his lips over silky hair and down one smooth cheek. Pulling one hand from the wall, he pressed it against his chest over his pounding heart. The male’s soft inhale encouraged him to be bold. He urged their hands lower, down his chest and over the ridges of his stomach, until he closed their fingers around his thickening dick. He didn’t know who groaned loudest. “To the eight suns with waiting!”

He tried to keep the kiss gentle, to give the male a chance to turn away—Minost knows he tried—but his lips were so soft, so tempting. At the first spicy taste, his brain turned to mush and his libido took over. He nipped at the lush fullness of his plump bottom lip and then soothed the stings with his tongue. Each pointed fang called to him. Their sharp tips drew blood from his tongue and lips, blood he was happy to lose when it caused the male to gasp, to open to further plunder, to arch his lithe body against him.

Grokhaar slid his hand down the lad’s satiny arm to tangle in his silky hair. Tilting his head, he pulled him closer and deepened their kiss. Every centimeter of his mouth was a new discovery, a new treasure of taste and desire. The first tentative brushes of the lad’s tongue against his nearly caused his undoing.

Tharking Azhell, he wanted this male, but not now and not like this. The boy deserved better than a quick fuck against a cold wall in the middle of the Between. He deserved hours of slow, thorough exploration. With his tongue. Groaning, Grokhaar lifted his head and rested it on the male’s shoulder. His pulse pounded in his ears as fast as a galloping oonta.

“That,” he brushed his lips over the heated skin, “is what you do to me.”

Soft fingers whispered up his back and over his shoulders leaving trails of tingling fire on his skin. He shivered when they threaded through his hair, the gentle tugs more erotic than he would have dreamed. He stepped back when the male pressed against his chest, but made no effort to hide his arousal. He’d made his desires more than plain.

“You should know the truth about me, Grokhaar Xandria.” The breathless voice held a note of such sadness his heart ached. “You will change your mind once you do.”

“I doubt it, lad. What those bastages did to you ain’t your fault.” He brushed his knuckles along the male’s cheek. “Remember that.”

Author: Elaina Roberts

Author of urban fantasy with a dash of romance

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