Petri Update: Watch as I Plod Along…

Progress on Petri and a quick teaser.

Well, another month has come and gone since the last update, so I’m popping in to hold myself accountable for my progress. A few legitimate things impeded workflow over the past month. Taxes – ’nuff said. We took a trip down to Portland, OR, for a three day weekend for our 25th anniversary. We came home from Portland  with a nasty cold that bordered on flu-like symptoms which meant we were doped up ’til the world went spinny. We’re still struggling to get over it. Still…here’s how things are going on the Petri front, along with a snippet of the new material.

Only 2,253 new words were added to the story. Major bummer. It’s clear I need a cattle prod of some sort. No, I’m not going to spend hours searching for one online. Some days were a struggle to get words down. Some were the result of re-reading and re-editing things I’d already gone over before. Other days were too pretty so I took off to take pretty pictures. Regardless, that’s pathetically little progress and I’m not happy with it.

The good news is that while it may not be much, I am pretty pleased with the quality of what was written. The characters are learning about each other and growing closer. Trust is forming. This isn’t a “love at first sight” mating kind of story, but a lust-to-love kind. I’m looking at foundations.

I’m currently struggling through Chapter Eleven. It’s a bit of a bridge chapter which I’m trying desperately not to make it feel like. Once I’m through it, there may not be as much added to the story as there will be smoothing out and editing. Most of the new material will be in the beginning and near the end. The middle will see some additional material as well as smoothing out POV, but not to the extent as the beginning.

So, that’s where I stand. Not happy, but not unhappy either. Here’s a snippet of new material to make it all better:

“I am far from perfect, Grokhaar Xandria.”

“Most folks are. Your speech, on the other hand… With whom did you make the original contract?” He chuckled at his poor attempt at mimicry and Petri’s answering scowl. “Now before you get all pissy about me making a mockery of you or some such horse shit, I ain’t. I’m trying to do you a favor. You see, nobody talks like that. They mangle the spoken word on a daily basis. Some more’n others, of course, but I’ve never heard anyone speak with such absolute perfection.”

“Is this a problem?”

“Could be if you’re trying to lay low. You’ve already got a few things going against you.” Grokhaar shamelessly took the opportunity to drink in the lad’s appearance from head to toe. Today’s outfit was of a kind with the others, loose trousers and a sleeveless under shirt, but the rich burgundy-brown brought out unexpected traces of the purest emerald green in his eyes. Interesting…and more alluring than he had a right to be. “I’ve been to more’n a few worlds, lad, and none have anyone half as sexy as you. The eyes alone are flashy enough to draw attention, but coupled with those delightfully intimidating fangs and you’re unique enough to stand out.”

“I do not wish to…stand out.” Ah, that’s what he’d been looking for. That hint of fang that threatened danger and stirred lust. They were short again, barely visible behind the full lips.

“Didn’t think you did. We’ve got some time before we have to part ways, lad. Care to trust your training to an ol’ edgeworlder?”

The male flinched, his scowl melting into an emotionless mask. Minost’s balls, what had those butchers done to the boy?

“I will not be restrained.”

“Wouldn’t dream of—”

“Nor will I be beaten.” Those haunted eyes turned towards him and he nearly wept at the anger and pain that swam in their endless depths.  “Or starved. I will learn, or I will not. I will not be forced into obedience.”

“Tharking Azhell, Petri.” Grokhaar ran a hand through his hair and clutched at the back of his neck. It was that or break something, a bad idea in the Between. The lad spoke as if such things were normal, or worse, expected. “What have they done to you?”

The male’s gaze slid away to stare at the swirling chaos beyond the view screen. His jaw clenched and relaxed in time with his fists. “They attempted to recoup their investment by whatever means possible, the same as with any other failed experiment.”


Author: Elaina Roberts

Author of urban fantasy with a dash of romance

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