Monday Mumbles: Hobbies

It’s Monday. I’m feeling chatty.

Oh, you want more than that, huh? Hmm…ok. We need a subject. I’ve babbled at you about some of my favorite authors and my love of conventions. I’ve had to put aside my intense love of Halloween since I’m now in an apartment with no yard to call my own and a balcony the size of a postage stamp. So…how about hobbies? Most folks have one. Some have several. Mine tend to rise and fall like the waves of the ocean (though, a few have stuck around like an octopus on my face).

Industrial Moondrop

I’ve gone through a lot of hobbies. I get intensely narrow-focused on one until I attain some modicum of skill in it, and then like a goldfish who just saw a shiny new castle, I move on to another. I love learning hobbies. I’m not quite as good at sticking with them. Over the course of a couple of decades, I’ve learned how to: create 3D models in the program Maya, perform medieval dance, make (by hand) several types of lace, fingerweaving, chainmail, leather work, wood work, Viking weave, lampworked beads, carding wool, work with Sculpey clay, and the list goes on and on. Those are simply the ones I remember.

Window Cornice

Currently, my interests—aside from reading an unhealthy amount of books and continuing to write my own—have zeroed in on photography. When we moved across the country, we decided we needed more than just a camera phone for all the pictures we wanted to take. So, we picked up a decently priced starter camera, a Nikon D3200 which came with a pair of lenses, and I stumbled around with it as I’m wont to do—meaning to hell with reading instructions or watching videos, I just want to play with the new toy.

Halloween Tombstone

It’s been almost a year and I’m finally seeing an improvement in my pictures. Some of it has to do with being willing to take a hundred pictures for a half-dozen decent shots. The rest is learning how to muddle about in Paint Shop Pro to improve lighting and contrast and all the other fun bits.

Cougar Mtn
Cougar Mountain

Oh, and I’m determined to learn how to hand-bind a book. I’ve been eyeing that one for a while. I just need to finish gathering the supplies. And! Candles. I think I’d like to try making candles just for S&Gs. Never done that one before, so why not? Also, considering giving knitting another try. I learned a few basic stitches once upon a time, but nothing beyond that. It’s definitely on the back burner though.

So, what about you? Do you have a favorite hobby or do you have Serial Hobby Syndrome like I do?

Author: Elaina Roberts

Author of urban fantasy with a dash of romance

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