Betrayal: A Seagull Soap Opera

While spending many lazy hours at the beach, we ran across a pair of seagulls having a bit of a falling out. While I know that the coloring of these birds have less to do with sex and more to do with age, it amused us to create a story around these two.

A warning: this post is photo heavy, though I tried to keep them to a reasonable size. Continue reading “Betrayal: A Seagull Soap Opera”

Rec a Series: Guild Hunter

“Reason without emotion is often a mask for cruelty; emotion without reason can allow people to excuse all sorts of excesses.”
― Elena Devereux, Archangel’s Kiss

Rec a Series is a monthly post highlighting one of my favorite series, past or present. This month’s spotlight is on that other paranormal series by Nalini Singh. No, not the one with the sexy Psy: Judd, Vasic, Aden, and Kaleb. I’ll cover that series later. Kaleb, by the way, is mine. I’ll cut a bitch. Just saying. This is Raphael and Elena’s series. You know, the one with the angels who make vampires and rarely, so rarely even the angels forgot, the archangels make other angels. Continue reading “Rec a Series: Guild Hunter”