Banned Books Week: 2016

I usually keep a better watch on the date so it sneaked up on little cat paws this year. It’s Banned Books Weeks, that week we mock other people’s attempts to dictate morality celebrate the freedom to read whatever the fuck we want. There’s a list of the most challenged books of the prior year (or decade, or all time), generally via a school board or library. Below are links and lists and opinion and all that rot. Stop here if you want to avoid all that foolishness. Continue reading “Banned Books Week: 2016”

Rec a Series: The Irin Chronicles

“Vashama canem, reshon. Vashama canem.”

Rec a Series is a monthly post highlighting one of my favorite series, past or present. This month, I’m fangirling over Elizabeth Hunter’s Irin Chronicles (aren’t those covers beautiful?). It’s the newest of her three worlds: the first being her original and wonderful Elemental Mysteries full of sexy vampires, the second her shifter series, Cambio Springs. This one is my absolute favorite of the three. Come see why. Continue reading “Rec a Series: The Irin Chronicles”