Petri Update: The End is Nigh

As the year winds down, so does the work on my M/M SciFi romance Subject 5691: Petri. It started off as a flash serial, but the characters demanded their stories be told in a more comprehensive format. I began revisions longer ago than I’d like to admit, but it’s now finished and off to the beta readers. I’m looking at publishing it early in the new year as long as the holidays don’t throw that off course too badly. Continue reading “Petri Update: The End is Nigh”

Rec a Series: Miriam Black

Rec a Series is a monthly post highlighting one of my favorite series, past or present. This month, I’m going to veer far, far outside my normal recs. Far away from romance or fantasy. Even far from the other urban fantasy titles I’ve recommended and into the dark world of a woman who knows how you’re going to die. Continue reading “Rec a Series: Miriam Black”