Subject 5691: Petri – 2 Weeks’ Notice

The countdown continues on the release of Petri (a good thing as a pause would mean shit went sideways somewhere). Two weeks until Petri makes his getaway. Two weeks until Grokhaar’s ship gets hijacked by the sexiest creature he’s seen in four galaxies. Two weeks. PreOrder now!

“Ever been through a jump, lad?” The male looked up and narrowed his eyes. He took that to be a no. “Then you’ll wanna watch.”

Grinning, he altered part of the navigational screen to show the oncoming rush of stars. He remembered his first jump. Nearly soiled his britches. He cut his eyes over to his companion. The lad wasn’t wearing any but the point stood.

A single beep signaled readiness. Enough drooling over his passenger. It was show time! He watched the screen like a desert eagle waiting for the right moment to swoop in and grab a mouse. An amber light blinked then turned green. Patience… The light blinked again and beeped. Just a little longer… The beeps grew frantic and the light’s steady blinking turned to rapid flashing.


His fingers flew over the controls, increasing speed and raising shields. A warning flashed on screen. The gate operator ordered him to cut speed and let the gate control the jump, but it was too late. They shot forward, their speed enhanced by the gate’s pull. Stars rushed past them in a multicolored blur. The force of the jump pressed him into his seat. Grokhaar laughed.

“This is what it’s all about, lad!”

“What are you doing, Grokhaar Xandria?” The lad’s fingers gripped the leather armrests so tightly he was certain they’d leave permanent marks. “You raise their suspicions.”

“They’d be more suspicious if I didn’t give ’em a scare on the jump.” He chuckled and eased the Diamond a tad over the recommended speed. “I like to mess with those uptight little operators. You couldn’t scrounge up a single drop of fun if you rounded up the lot of them.”

“I am on a ship with a madman.”

“That makes two of us, lad.”

Author: Elaina Roberts

Author of urban fantasy with a dash of romance

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