Subject 5691: Petri – Six Days and a Wake Up

Just seven more days until the release of my sci/fi space boys. I’m giddy with excitement because I love these guys so much. Petri is an Amazon exclusive and will be available for reading via Kindle Unlimited. But, with only a week left until release, I’ve included another promo pic above and a snippet below. Enjoy!

“Beautiful, ain’t it?”

The view screen showed the swirling chaos of the Between. Colors flowed through the infinite blackness like a liquid rainbow. Cosmic storms sparked in the distance, lighting up the cockpit and limning the Den’Lastrian in shades of blue and purple. Petri wet his suddenly dry lips and dragged his gaze from the male’s delectable body to the screen.

“Prettier’n a woman and twice as deadly. Fell in love the first time I saw it. This,” his gesture included the view through the screen as well as the ship, “is a dream come true for me. I used to sit on the dunes back home, stare up at the stars, and wish I could be up there. I watched the ships take off and land at Drak’Tauria and made up all sorts of stories about them. Grand adventures and epic space battles with pirates. I held onto that dream for more cycles than I care to remember. Sometimes it was all that kept me going when life turned to shit.”

Grokhaar’s crimson gaze sought and found his reflection in the view screen. “Ain’t nothing wrong with dreams, lad, and never let anyone tell you different. If they control your dreams, they’ve got you right where they want you and you’ve let them do it.”

“Dreams…” Petri’s hands curled into fists. Staring into the chaos, he didn’t see the maelstrom of colors that made up the Between. He saw the laboratory and the scientists, heard their laughter as he confessed his wishes and visions of his future. Their scorn had been colder than the metal beneath him. The way they took his fragile hopes and dangled them before him, testing how far he’d go to get what he wanted and noting his devastation when he failed. He shook his head and dropped into the empty chair. “Dreams make you weak and give your enemies leverage. I have no use for dreams beyond freedom.”

Author: Elaina Roberts

Author of urban fantasy with a dash of romance

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