Thrifty Thursday: Shoes & Shifters

In what I hope to become a regular feature (if I don’t wander off again), I’m combining two of my favorite things: thrift store finds and book sales. A note for those who aren’t familiar with me. I love thrift stores, adore them. I buy stuff there as gifts for others, supplies for crafts, clothing because… c’mon, $3 for a shirt with the tags still on it?, and books. All the books! So, when I poke fun at the stuff found at thrift stores, I’m not trying to be mean or making a comment on those who shop there out of financial necessity. However, if you’ve ever gone to a thrift store, you know there are always a few… shall we say unusual items. Those are the true gems and what I hope to target. So… today, I focus on shoes!
I found all of these shoes at a local Goodwill store while rummaging for whatever caught my eye. While I didn’t come home with any of these shoes, I did pick up an adorable tiny gargoyle to perch upon my desk.

This first pair of shoes is what created the initial idea that became this post. They were so horrifically awful I just had to photograph them. Then I saw the next, and the next. Thus a post was born.

The first pair

The color wasn’t too bad, a soft teal blue. But then the shoes coupled that pretty color with randomly sized metal silver-toned rhinestones, 6 inch heels that are just… wobbly-weird, and these shoes were just wrong on so many fronts.

The next “lovely” pair had a hat to match!

Faux snakeskin with a 2″ platform and an additional 5-6″ heel. The material had a silvery metallic sheen and again with the heel that has no support. Just… no.

Next up, prey!

sparklyzebraWhile not quite so bad, these silvery zebra striped shoes again have the slight platform at the bottom, this time only about an inch or so. At least they got to have an actual heel, even if they are 5″ stilettos.

And the predators who prey upon the prey.


Where there are zebras, there are leopards to prey upon them. These two pairs, platformed and stilettoed, are here to fill your needs! One even had a matching hat!

After the dancing is over…

When all your sky-high, stiletto or weirdly heeled shoes have made your feet ache until they wanna fall off, there’s a pair of flats to relax in. They actually did look comfy, but that metallic embroidered pattern looked like they ripped it off my grandma’s sofa or curtains.

Enjoy the shoes? How about shifters? Rosanna Leo‘s Gemini Island series gives us a horde of shifters to swoon and sigh and fall in love with. The first of the series is Predator’s Kiss

Predator's Kiss - Gemini Island Shifters #1
Look at that smexy bear!

This was such a yummy book! Lia is easy to connect to and Ryland is exquisitely yummy while still being a grumpy ol’ bear. There’s laughter and suspense and sexy times to make you swoon. Not sure if it’s for you? It’s free as of the time of this post, so there’s no better time to give Predator’s Kiss a try!


Rosanna Leo weaves a fun, exhilarating tale in Book 1 of her new Gemini Island Shifters series. Thrills, suspense, and humor abound when a rock star brother, stalkers, and a sexy erotica author descend on one ornery bear shifter. Find out for yourself what happens when events conspire to awaken the bear!

Bear shifter Ryland Snow just wants peace. The peace and quiet afforded him at his woodsy retreat, the Ursa Fishing Lodge. As owner of the lodge, Ryland enjoys the tranquil life he’s created among his fellow shifters. He lives to maintain a safe haven for them, away from meddlesome human eyes.

When his rock star brother arrives, bringing trouble in the form of a possible hit man, Ryland is incensed. He’s been cleaning up Soren’s messes as long as he can remember, and is tired of his brother’s lecherous exploits.

Things go from bad to worse when Lia Goodblood stumbles upon Ryland and his lodge. Yes, the reclusive erotica author is easy on the eyes, but the human woman is more trouble than she’s worth. To say nothing of her bizarre fear of furry creatures.

Ryland determines to rid himself of her presence. But when he learns she’s on the run from a crazed fan, Ryland’s protective bear instincts flare. And the bear won’t be denied.

Author: Elaina Roberts

Author of urban fantasy with a dash of romance

3 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Shoes & Shifters”

  1. Thanks very much for this kind mention, Elaina. I love this post! I appreciate you posting about the Predator’s Kiss freebie. Hugs!


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