Trope Tuesdays

I’m back for another look at the various tropes found in romance and/or urban fantasy. These tropes are the underlying theme of a novel, such as “enemies to lovers” or “fated mates.” Some are beloved standards in the industry. Others are, for me, a hard line drawn in the sand. All generate different reactions from different readers (and sometimes from the same reader at different times in their lives). I’ll give a few examples of my favorites and provide links if they seem interesting..

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(Micro)Flash Fiction Friday – The Market

Hello! It’s Friday and time for another short snippet of fiction. This week, we’re back in the marketplace, but set in the same world as Wolves of Sorrow: Shoba. It seems their disappearance has been noted by the other residents of Earth Prime.

The photo included the prompt of “What is your character looking for here? Do they find it, or do they find something else instead?” For once, I actually used the photo and prompt as given! Go me! If anyone else wants to play along, feel free to paste yours in the comments below, link to your own site, or on my Facebook page.

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(Micro)Flash Fiction Friday – The Shop

It’s Friday, so it’s time for another flash fiction piece. I managed to keep this one under 200 words. Go me! The featured image was posted in a Facebook group with the prompt of “What little stall is tucked out of the way here?”

I’m not completely happy with the piece, but I’m not sure I could change it so I’m happier with it without it becoming much, much longer. It’s not a sad one like last week, so no worries there. It’s just a shop! Come on in, and if you want to play along, tag me or post in the comments below or on the post on Facebook.

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(Micro)Flash Fiction Friday – The Argument

Well, well, what have we here? Yup, it’s Friday so it’s time for another flash fiction piece. This one is a slightly longer micro at 285 words. The featured image was posted in a Facebook group with the prompt of “Uh-oh. Somebody’s in trouble. What happened?”

I chose to come at the prompt a bit sideways. It’s not a very happy tale, if you look at it one way, so be warned if you’re not in the right place for something sad. On the other hand, it could be viewed as a very happy tale for the narrator . What do you think? And if you want to play along, feel free to post it below, on Facebook, or link me!

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(Micro)Flash Fiction Friday – The Temple

These tiny flash fiction pieces are becoming a regular thing. This one is again on the micro level at just 146 words. The featured image was posted in a Facebook group with the prompt of “Who owns this shop? Who are the clients? Is it clean and uncluttered or is there no telling what you’ll find?” Everything I started grew way too long, so I’d shelve it and come at it from a different angle. The core always remained the same. Let me know if you recognize who our bar owner is!

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