Ellen Mint’s Grab Bag Giveaway – Coming Soon!

Ellen Mint’s Grab Bag Giveaway, coming August 1

In August, fellow author Ellen Mint is coordinating an amazing giveaway of over a hundred books divided into Contemporary, Paranormal, and Historical subgenre grab bags. Each bag will contain several books in the subgenre.

I’ve placed two of mine in the giveaway, both first in their series. Subject 5691: Petri, first book of the Edgeworld Chronicles, and Shoba, first book in the Wolves of Sorrow series. Keep an eye on this space or head over to Ellen’s blog to follow her. We’ll have more information as the giveaway approaches.

Teaser Tuesday -Draxton’s Destiny

Tuesdays are for Teasing! Today I’m returning to the Edgeworld Chronicles as I gear up to the release of Draxton’s Destiny, the second in that series. Draxton’s actions in Subject 5691: Petri lead to his arrest and imprisonment for two long years as the Alliance seeks to recapture their escaped experiment. Frustrated by Draxton’s iron will, his commander places him on the slave market where he’s bought by Losha Brixys, a mysterious offworlder. Like a pebble in a still pond, the effects of that sale ripple through Seshinaar and beyond.

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