Teaser Tuesday -Wolves of Sorrow: Jelayan

I’ve completed the first draft of Jelayan, fourth in the Wolves of Sorrow series of short novels. Yay, go me! While I’m working on another project instead of the one I should be working on, I’ll let Jelayan simmer for a few weeks before returning for a second pass. There’s always holes in a rough draft that the subsequent editing passes catch, and I hope to clean this one up with a minimal amount of fuss. *lolsob*

In August, I’ll be participating in a massive giveaway via Ellen Mint‘s Grab Bag Giveaway contest. Fifty-three authors, one hundred fourteen books combined into thirty-eight bundles divided into romance sub-genres. I’ve thrown in two of mine and can’t wait for the contest to start. Head over to Ellen’s page, give her a follow, and take a chance on winning some free books!

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Draxton’s Destiny is Now LIVE!

Draxton’s Destiny, the sequel of Subject 5691: Petri, is now available on Amazon in ebook, paperback, and in Kindle Unlimited. This book was a labor of love, and sometimes there was a lot more on the side of labor than love, but I feel it was worth it. So please, go! Buy if you can, read on KU if you think it may suit you, or considering sharing on your socials.

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Teaser Tuesday -Draxton’s Destiny

Draxton’s Destiny releases next week! Wheee! This novel has been a wild ride from start to finish. Originally written in serial flash format using prompts, Draxton suffered far too many years of attempted revisions until I settled on a full rewrite. It didn’t come easy, but with only one week remaining until it’s out in the world, I can honestly say I’m absolutely thrilled with the end result. This week’s teaser is another deleted scene, the last full interlude I wrote then discarded. I hope you enjoy it, and Draxton’s Destiny.

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Teaser Tuesday -Draxton’s Destiny

Draxton’s Destiny is one week closer to release, and I’m terrified excited to see what everyone thinks of the wounded sergeant and his Minshaari. Last week, I presented an interlude from the Ravyn’s point of view which was cut from the final novel as extraneous information. This week is no different. Read on for a deleted scene featuring my original space boys, Petri and Grokhaar.

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Flash Fiction Friday – The Dryad’s Grove

The photo which inspired this flash piece is one I took at Lake Wenatchee in Washington State. The piece of driftwood, snarled and smoothed by time and water, looked (to me) like a dryad emerging from a protective shell of roots. The story took off from there. Enjoy!

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