Thrifty Thursday: Aliens

I’m going a different route with this Thrifty Thursday. Instead of focusing on the weird stuff which often lurks at thrift stores, I’ve chosen some photos I’ve taken of places which have an alien feel. This is to celebrate the upcoming release of my third scifi romance Wolves of Sorrow: Izabel, and the sale (the thrifty part of this post) of the first in the series: Shoba.

Let’s explore the alien landscapes here on Earth Prime with a bit of background on the pack when they lived in Sorrow.

The hills have eyes

Rickwood Caverns, AL

With stone and dirt flowing in layers, this shot resembles a giant’s eye peering out of the darkness. Some of the wolves of Sorrow chose to live in dens nestled in the caverns of the surrouding cliff faces. How many wolves looked out of pockets just like this one?

And the caves have teeth…

Rickwood Caverns, AL

Those who preferred to make their dens in caves chose ones with thick, sharp stalagtites and stalagmites for additional defense. Thinner ones were also useful as they’d embed themselves in the pack’s enemies and caused fatal infections. When lit from behind, the flickering firelight cast ominous shadows which chased away many a predator looking for an easy meal.

A twisting maze provides safety

Rickwood Caverns, AL

While on patrol or a scavenging run for supplies, the wolves utilized the landscape to their advantage. Twisting passages with convenient nooks and crannies provided safety during the heat of the day and strategic advantages during combat. Moving through the shadows of overhanging ledges, the wolves could stalk and hunt their prey to ground, bringing a bounty of food and materials back to the pack.

And now for a shameless ad…

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Author: Elaina Roberts

Author of urban fantasy with a dash of romance

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