About Elaina

Growing up in rural Alabama, Elaina Roberts traveled the world through books. She battled Martians with John Carter, solved mysteries with Nero Wolfe, and sighed over happy endings with the likes of Johanna Lindsey and Barbara Cartland.

As an author, she bends reality to her will, altering locations, history, and even mythology with an abnormal amount of glee. With so many fantastic creatures and beings populating her stories, she strives to make characters that are believable, no matter their race, and stories that the reader can connect to. Sometimes they contain dark content and sometimes the stories themselves are dark, but the world can be a dark place. It is in working through the darkness to find the light at the end that one finds the greatest rewards.


5 thoughts on “About Elaina”

  1. Hi Elaina,

    I just wanted to drop you a note to say I love your writing, characters and the life you give them. I’ve been following the ‘Other half’ since lit and I’m so glad you put out your book for publishing. Purchased it right away. ^.^ Missed the old version but I definitely still loved it. I’m really curious/eager about the next book about the vampire/human girl. I really really love that specific story. Do you have an expected date of release. I want to pre-order it. Well anyway, I’m so excited to have found you.
    I wish you many blessing.



    1. I am planning to release the sequel but have no timeline for it at present. Once I finish the edits on Petri, I want to do another editing pass for TOH, clean it up some more, and then re-release it. I’ll look at releasing Blake and Alicia’s story after that.


      1. I also read The Other Half on Literotica before you had to take it and There’s A Fine Line down.
        I still have the bookmarks on my PSP, can’t bring myself to delete em.
        I am looking forward to when you finally have time to release the sequel.


  2. I’ve had this question ever since I read There’s A Fine Line.

    Can hell fire corrupt a Fire Dnjii, not sure I spelled that right.


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