Edgeworld Chronicles

Edgeworlder. Rim-runner. Native. Animal.

Those who live on the edge of Alliance control have heard it all. Some live up to their heritage. Others become the monsters the Alliance believe them to be. They are the rebels and smugglers, the pirates and slavers, the peasants and the kings. They are the defiant push against a species multiplying at an unsustainable rate.

Travel from the vast deserts of Den’Lastria to the tropical jungles of Seshinaar. Meet the Witches of Kandaria and the mysterious creatures known as the Velen’daar. Discover their secrets and destinies and fall in love with them as they make their way along the edge.

Journey to a Dream: An Edgeworld Chronicles Novella

Before he took to the skies in his Den’Lastrian Diamond. Before he met the infamous pirate known only as The Ravyn. Before he became a smuggler, a rogue, an independent trader, Grokhaar Xandria was a lonely boy in a village on the edge of the Gran’Minosta.

When the Elder takes him under his wing, it spurs resentment and jealousy in his peers resulting in a challenge that could change Grokhaar’s future and steal his dreams.

Journey to a Dream is a coming-of-age novella-length prequel to Subject 5691: Petri. Closer to YA science fiction/adventure than romance, it focuses on a young Grokhaar Xandria as he grows from a mocked and ridiculed calf to the promise of the rogue he became.

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Journey to a Dream (The Edgeworld Chronicles #0.1)

Subject 5691: Petri

Book One of the Edgeworld Chronicles

Created in a laboratory. Trained to be the perfect soldier. He has no name, no past, and no future. He is Subject 5691. One of thousands such experiments…and the only one who lived. Now he’s free.

Grokhaar Xandria is an edgeworlder: a native from a world hovering just outside Alliance control. He’s an independent trader, a rogue, a scavenger, and a smuggler who longs for someone to share the skies, his bed, and his heart .

In a desperate bid for freedom, the experiment forces his way onto the Den’Lastrian Diamond and into Grokhaar’s life. As they fight their way across the galaxies, Subject 5691 must carve out his own identity, escape from the scientists who created him, and discover if a genetically created being has the capacity for love.

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Subject 5691: Petri

Draxton’s Destiny

Book Two in the Edgeworld Chronicles


Tentative release scheduled for Winter, 2021

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