Wolves of Sorrow

Descendents of the first experiments of a fledgling Genetics Modification program, the wolves have faced bands of raiders, attacks from the Mourning Sun nest of adders, and the toxic haze that sweeps across Earth Prime. Now they face a new life on Barif, a lush tropical planet in the Maiveth System.

Each wolf must face their own challenges, fight their own battles to find their places among the Rifaniir people and claim a mate of their very own.

The Wolves of Sorrow is timeline-adjacent to and set in the fictional world of The Edgeworld Chronicles. Each book should stand alone but will reference events from previous books in the series.


A mythical paradise to those who’ve left it. A barren wasteland racing against time for those left behind.

Shoba is one of the ones left behind.

Grief-stricken after the death of her parents, she crossed the wastes to find a new pack, a new home in Sorrow. But her wolf is too strong to suit the elders’ plans for the pack, and the haze continues to prey upon those the humans left behind.

When a science vessel answers their distress beacon and offers the pack a new home on a new planet, Shoba expects the cost to be high, to discover a hidden motive to the Rifaniir’s generous offer. What she didn’t expect was her reaction to the Kaleidoscope’s captain.

Dangerous and intriguing. Captain Vaistu Elloufen threatens her plans and draws her wolf like none other. But the captain hides a secret, and the whispers which followed her across the wastes to Sorrow stalk the corridors of the Kaleidoscope. The journey is rife with unknown dangers, but one thing is certain: Once again she must fight for what she wants most.

And what she wants is the alluring Rifaniir captain.

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Wolves of Sorrow: Shoba


It’s the guiding principle of Brienne’s life.

Restrain the wolf.

Remain calm.

No extreme emotions.

A cage to keep her sane and safe. Built on love and reenforced with fear.

On the Kaleidoscope, the cage shattered and left Brienne frantic to regain the peace she’d lost.

Combat training eases her aggression. Work with the pack keeps her mind occupied. They are but temporary bandages that fix nothing. Until she stumbles across a deserted beach with the familiar feel of sand beneath her feet. Only there, with the Tyelann Sea stretching toward the horizon and the crashing waves a soothing song, can her wolf rest.

Or she could if the aggravating, alluring Xaeth Aliir would go away. The Rifaniir male intrigues the wolf and awakens desires she’d thought buried in Sorrow. When the ka-Razheen invites her on a diplomatic trip to Zephyr’s Rest, Brienne welcomes the chance to reconnect with her adopted sister and find peace away from the pack and its memories of betrayal.

But death stalks the floating city, leaving a trail only a wolf can follow. With Xaeth at her side, Brienne must use her nascent tracking skills to catch a killer and choose between a life of safety and control or glorious freedom as the woman she was always meant to be.

Tentative release set for 2022

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