Journey to a Dream

Before he took to the skies in his Den’Lastrian Diamond. Before he met the infamous pirate known only as The Ravyn. Before he became a smuggler, a rogue, an Independent Trader, Grokhaar Xandria was a lonely boy in a village on the edge of the Gran’Minosta.

When the Elder takes him under his wing, it spurs resentment and jealousy in his peers resulting in a challenge that could change Grokhaar’s future and steal his dreams.

Journey to a Dream is a coming-of-age novella-length prequel to Subject 5691: Petri. Closer to YA science fiction/adventure than romance, it focuses on a young Grokhaar Xandria as he grows from a mocked and ridiculed calf to the promise of the rogue he became.

Updated file now contains the short Wolves of Sorrow

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