Trope Tuesdays

Let’s take another look at the various tropes found in romance and/or urban fantasy. Some are beloved standards in the industry. Others are, for me, a hard line drawn in the sand. All generate different reactions from different readers (and sometimes from the same reader at different times in their lives). I’ll give one I love, and provide links in case they appeal to anyone else, and one I’d rather leave behind.

Standard disclaimer! I’m not saying these tropes are bad (okay, one or two kinda are), these are just my personal preferences. If you like something I dislike, and a lot of folks do, that’s okay! If you dislike something I love, again a lot of folks do, that’s also okay! If we all read/liked the same books, libraries would be small and boring.

So, with that out of the way, let’s dive right in.

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